Artist Statement

As a designer I am drawn to the subject of a women's identification and recognition by way of fashion. Women’s garments are directly associated with either the hyper-sexualized, or conservative. This series directly connects to the familiarity we have with sexual attraction ideals, and opinions on generalized femininity. 

My approach to design is less overt but straightforward, not engaging in standard objectification. I want the work to act as an extension of one’s self-worth. To be individualistic and hold a presence instead of presenting a body as the focal point. While in the process of creating this work I focused on certain ideals of the industry in conjunction with societal norms of femininity. 

I work through a combination of manipulation techniques, pattern exploration and tailoring. When exploring techniques of pattern drafting a corset for example, I question the conventional norm of restricting and artificially enhancing the curves of the female form. For me, enhancing the “beauty” of a natural female form, happens once the boning of the garment is extracted. Allowing the original cuts of the garment to perform its familiarity, yet upon further investigation it's vital components of restriction are missing. In its place, is the forgiving nature of the textile, letting the body shape the garment instead of squeezing the many female forms into one consistent shape. This technique allows multiple forms to embrace their natural curves.